Yep, that's me

Yep, that's me

I'm a writer, medical editor, nurse, geek, photographer, reader, and master of wasting time investigating ways to save time.  

Any patient mentions are HIPAA-appropriately scrambled. Seriously. Details, time frames, personal characteristics, and usually all three have been utterly obscured, so if you think you recognize a patient, it's just fortuitous.

You can reach me at notnurseratched AT gmail DOT com (see my contact page). 


Institutional disclaimer: This blog is my own. I write as myself and not as a representative of any institution.

Here can be found a lot of stuff: e.g., humor, technology, nursing, medicine, off-the-wall tutorials to solve problems you didn't know you had, and cute animal pictures. Because the Internet REQUIRES CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES, and I live with cute animals.

I'll start you out with one of my pit bull Annie sitting on my other pit bull Banjo's head. IT'S FUNNY. And cute.

Annie sitting on Banjo

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