Yep, that's me

Yep, that's me

First things first: Any patient mentions are HIPAA-appropriately scrambled. Seriously. Details, time frames, personal characteristics, and usually all three have been utterly obscured, so if you think you recognize a patient, it's just fortuitous.

You can reach me at notnurseratched AT gmail DOT com (see my contact page). 

Institutional disclaimer: This blog is my own. I write as myself and not as a representative of any institution.

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Now vital statistics:

Stuff I do: I'm a writer, medical editor, nurse, geek, photographer, reader, and master of wasting time investigating ways to save time.

Stuff I like: pit bulls, technology, complicated medical problems (not mine), medicine, humor, humor that NO ONE ELSE THINKS IS FUNNY, inappropriate humor (picture an open coffin and me trying not to laugh), cute animals, chick flicks, books, music, and, currently, my extremely adorable boyfriend.

My superpower: sleep. Seriously, I've never said "I can't sleep" unless I'm extremely sick. I'm a GOOD sleeper. I love to sleep. I lie down and fall asleep right away. I truly hate getting up, by which I mean I feel tortured and victimized by having to leave my lovely sleeping nest. It doesn't matter if this happens at 4pm. 

Random facts: I have an assortment of body piercings and tattoos; I like coloring spikes of my hair pink randomly; I grew up in Branson, MO, and had horses and a burro named Luigi; I was married once for 18 months; I had my own business for 10 years editing medical journals, so I know a bizarre number and variety of random facts; and I think that "I'm not going to do a damn thing" counts as a legitimate plan for a day off.

There is a lot of stuff on this blog: e.g., humor, technology, nursing, medicine, off-the-wall tutorials to solve problems you didn't know you had, and cute animal pictures. Because the Internet REQUIRES CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES, and I live with cute animals.

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