First day of nursing school

I made it through my first day without any panic attacks or major bureaucratic hassles (major challenge for my school). Here if you don't have your clinical clearance card in hand, they don't let you start class. They're literal about this: show the card or get up and walk out the door. Yikes! I got mine right before class. ;) It was delayed because of a lack of my third hep B shot, which I can't even get until March. I cleared this up a few times, yet the clearance wouldn't come through. Sigh. I also went ahead and bought a stethoscope, which I need fairly imminently for my nursing technologies lab. They want us to have Littmann Lightweight II S.E. stethoscopes, which do NOT come in either lime green or orange. Oh, the agony! I chose seafoam green, but it's really just a consolation color ("at least it's not black"). What is it about owning a stethoscope that really signifies "nursing student"? I feel official. As soon as no one is looking I am going to drape it around my neck for a minute. Ha ha! I had only one class today: patho/pharm I ("the rock"). My professor intones this every time she says the name of the class. She is WICKED funny. I'm so pleased. I can tolerate almost anything from someone if they're funny. Example: she went around picking random people to ask, "Why do you want to be a nurse?" Almost everyone said, "Um, because I want to help people?" After about 10 tries she curled her lip a little and said, "Great. Do you want world peace, too?" I swear to god I almost laughed out loud. ER contacted her (and 99 other nurses) about submitting clinical vignettes for the show, and they used one of hers! This is the fast route to impressing me! I listed with intererest to her long list of accomplishments both academic and practical, but the ER link really did the trick. Is that wrong? :)

Speaking of ER, I may need to revise my career plans regarding being an ER nurse, because it seems that approximately half of my classmates also want to work in the ER. I wonder if it is because of that show and whether they will change their minds when they see a real ER. I'm not too worried about it, though, because now that I think of it, many of the same reasons I am drawn to the ER also apply to plain old med-surg, where I'm fairly convinced I'd like to spend a year or two getting a really broad experience base. I know that med-surg is not for pussies, but I'm not afraid of hard work. Still, I know that the best way to make the gods laugh is to make plans, and I don't want to provide too much comic relief. I'm sure that when the time comes, I'll end up where I need to be. Right?