Ditch the cable?

I don't watch that much TV. There are a few series I watch, many of which are on network TV (and therefore streamable) and two of which I can watch via the lovely abc.com iPad app. Yet I pay almost $100 per month for U-verse TV, which doesn't even include the HD fee, and I'm thinking of ditching it. I like their Internet service, but I'm adding up the money and coming out in favor of paying piecemeal for the stuff I actually watch (eg, $36 for an entire season of Nurse Jackie in HD). I'm giving Netflix a try, and for $9/month I've got on-demand (they have a LOT of stuff I can instantly stream through my Wii, which is friggin' cool) plus DVDs winging their way toward me as fast as I can watch them. I'll have to see how quickly Netflix gets TV seasons available on DVD, but I don't much mind waiting a season behind for that stuff. The only TV show I must see immediately is True Blood, and I don't have HBO anyway so that doesn't affect my master plan.

I am using an Apple TV to stream stuff from iTunes, which has a decent collection (and has the added attraction of allowing me to stream music and use an iTunes remote to control it, in contrast to when I use my Airport Express to stream music). Renting movies from iTunes actually has a leg up over doing so from U-verse because my U-verse rentals are never HD, but if I pay the same amount (usually $4.99) to iTunes my movies are in HD. The Apple TV is oft maligned, but I'm finding it to fit my needs pretty well.

It's silly to feel that I'm considering this as a major veering off of the social grid ("what? no cable?")! But I think I'm going to do it. After I wait for my U-verse rewards for having the service until 7/14. Those will pay for my cable for the first few months!