iPhone app review: Do it (Tomorrow)

In my neverending quest to find the perfect to-do/organization system, I present to my readers Do it (Tomorrow) [iTunes link; free]. This is a bare-bones to-do app akin to scribbling stuff in a notebook. The icon even looks like a Moleskine, as do the pages, of which there are two. Yes, two. Today and Tomorrow.

That's all you get. And on those two pages, you can

  1. Add a new task.
  2. Edit (meaning delete tasks)
  3. Scratch off a completed task by tapping it
  4. Send a task to Tomorrow from Today by tapping a scribbly arrow to the right of it

That's it. If you don't do something Today, it automatically migrates to Tomorrow at midnight. You can't assign due dates, alarms, tags, or priorities. You can't even drag tasks up and down to order them. Just like scribbling in a notebook (I'd actually like to have that last ability).

I love this app. I have had it with complicated to-do apps, although I'm glad they exist so that I can play with them endlessly. They just don't really help me get anything done. I do use Awesome Note for longer-term organization and notes, and I have a complicated system set up between Awesome Note and Evernote, but for daily "I must get THESE THINGS done today," a scribbled list is seriously the way to go, and Do it (Tomorrow) lets me have one on my phone so I can still feel geekish.