Everyone rejoice. My blog won’t move anymore.

Readers who have (probably progressively more impatiently) followed me around the Internet from Blogger to Wordpress.com to Tumblr to Posterous to Squarespace and back and forth will rejoice to learn that I finally bit the bullet and bought a dang domain name. It'll be http://notratched.net from now on, henceforth, in perpetuity. I even spent all day (after a nightshift and a short nap) fixing things so everything forwards from the old site, including the permalinks and everything. I've never self-hosted a blog before, so it's been a bit tricky, but I think I've got it all ironed out, and I'm pleased to have a permanent home with ownership of my own stuff. I've been listening to the TWiT folks talk about the importance of having your own domain, and out of laziness I have managed to postpone it. I've actually postponed it for about a decade, which is impressive, but all this crapola with Facebook and other sites chewing up data has GALVANIZED me. I JUMPED into action. Well, not quite, but once I become a technological pit bull I'm galvanized and act like a real geek (no sleep, hair sticking up, coffee after coffee, blinking at my monitor).

For half a day I couldn't straighten out how to coordinate all the domain stuff, and it made me insane. I mean, I can't rest until I figure that sort of thing out. I wrestled with advanced DNS settings and nameservers until I was about to scream. Then I took a break to wash my second cat, and that seemed to clear my mind because it all worked shortly after that.

[caption id="attachment_1603" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cat after bath (obviously my older-than-dirt cat)"]""[/caption]

So...I hope everyone likes my new digs. Come back often. Write comments.