The inevitable iPod Nano review

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="240" caption="Via iLounge"]iPod nano 6G Color Array[/caption] I bought one of the new iPod Nanos [Apple link; I won't tout all of its features because I don't use most of them]. I wasn't going to because I'm a little pissy about Apple's ditching of the clickwheel. Seriously. The clickwheel is what makes an iPod an iPod! It revolutionized portable music players! It's a miracle of design + function. It allows you to change the volume and change tracks while you're not looking at the iPod. Plus I heard and read about a 50/50 split with people saying the screen on the new Nanos was too little to be usable.

After, however, only minor debate I ventured to Best Buy and bought a 16-GB graphite one. For my purposes, I can find no issues but one---you can't pause it with a button. If I could double-click the screen on/off button to stop what was playing, that would be groovy.

Granted, my purposes are not necessarily those of others. I have an iPhone with music on it, I have an Apple TV that can stream music to my Bose speakers in the living room, and I do have an iPod Classic (WITH a clickwheel). Still, this little widget fills a niche for me. I like to walk around listening to podcasts and books pretty much all the time I'm doing chores and so on, and this necessitates clipping my device to my pants. I've spent FAR more than the price of this Nano on cases that should allow me to do that with iPhones and larger iPods, but not since my iPod Mini, for which I mourn, have I found a good solution. The clippy Shuffles came close, but with spoken content you're totally hosed if you accidentally hit a button and lose your place. I also like to listen to the same stuff at the gym, and aside from concerns with triggering the moisture sensors on my iPhone, I find it unbearably cumbersome to have a phone attached to me at all while I work out. It pulls my gym shorts down if clipped to my shorts, and it jiggles around and mashes into weight machines if it's on an armband. The same issues go with the iPod Classic, because it's giant (I've been using it as an external backup drive for a long time and will probably keep doing that).

The Nano lets me do all that because of the clip, and I have no issues with using the small screen. I have skinny fingers and good eyes, so that might contribute. I'd probably like it better if the thing had a clickwheel and a little display, but heaven forbid we have any extra buttons or size. I look at this Nano basically like a postage stamp that clips to my pants and plays podcasts for me, which makes it pretty cool. Plus now I can stop shelling out money for belt clip cases for my iPhone that don't really work for just waistbands of boxer shorts and sweatpants.