A little something-something for everybody

I have a few posts percolating, but in the meantime I'll provide some reading material I've collected from elsewhere about some of my favorite topics. Enjoy! Bullying and disruptive behavior in healthcare: I've brooded and raged over these issues for, now, years (eg, see Joint Commission: disruptive behavior is bad. Very bad, Witch hunts in the hospital, Docs and nurses: can we play nicely together?, and Toeing the line: nurse vs physician). I recently found Nerdy Nurse's blog (shockingly titled The Nerdy Nurse), and she's got a lot of good posts on bullying. Go there and read some. Here's one to get you started: Respect and dignity: A nurses [sic] guide to bullying in nursing. TorontoEmergMed also has a good post on nurse-physician communication: Framing the discussion around what's best for the patient. Finally, CommonHealth has a nice post on how bullying at work is even bad for our health (we knew that, though, didn't we?): Workplace Bullies As Health Threats, Especially In Health Care.

Tech and productivity: Read about how it may be inappropriate to compare e-readers and iPads, and then tickle your GTD fancy with two posts on incredibly geeky ways to use tags and saved searches in Evernote to manage your life: Evernote for GTD, Simplified and How to get things done with Evernote for iPhone and iPad.

Random "hell, that looks bad" illnesses: I never even heard of locked-in syndrome before this week, and I hope to god I never get it.