Halloween and other scary stuff

I'm awake in the middle of the night because I'm in one of those weird nightshift warps where I worked one night, have one off, and then work two. There is no usable time in there unless you stay up all or most of the night off, so here I am. In bed. Blogging from my new 11-inch MacBook Air, pictured here with my Moleskine (I still think it's weird that I keep a paper journal) for comparison purposes. I was just going to go LOOK at them, but when I told the dude at the Apple Store what I'd use it for and he downloaded those exact programs and I saw them spring up in point zero oh oh one seconds I began to drool. I can't make a case for NEEDING a laptop, even though I just sold my MacBook. My iPad works fine for most things I'd use a laptop for. But I've always had a laptop, this one is tiny and useful, and I am experiencing the happy circumstance of a tiny apartment, no consumer debt, a car that's paid for, and a nightshift differential. And an upcoming wedding anniversary, and I'm divorced, so clearly retail therapy was necessary. Now I have no reason to buy any gadgets for at least a year (my iMac will then be 3 years old). With eye-rolling personal insight I noted earlier that one reason I have money for gadgets is total stupidity in choosing what to spend money on. I use the same coffee pot that's ticked me off for 3 years now because jeez, it still technically WORKS, even though it sprays coffee on the counter with each use. I wear the same sweatshirt until it's got holes in it because heck, it's comfortable, and I'm not trying to impress anyone. I wear way-too-big jeans cinched up with a belt because I hate buying clothes. You get the point, which apparently is that I'm actually more like a teenaged boy than a grown woman.

So, yeah, this Air is darn useful. My ex-husband crowed constantly about his deep and abiding love for his (three) netbooks (we DID share some major compatibilities), and I was impervious to his logic, but now I see his point. It can't be your only computer, but you get accustomed really fast to instant-on, lightweight computing. My iMac is getting droopy in the jowls, and I like the way I can flip the lid up on the Air and do stuff immediately. I won't review it in depth because a hundred people already have; I will add, though, that my iPad will leave my possession only with force and coercion. As I've said before, they are different creatures. I'm not going to be consuming much video or reading many books on the Air (if any), and I prefer the iPad for reading Twitter, RSS, and Tumblr. The Air is, however, much more useful for writing anything other than plain text, which I do a fair amount of (like now).

Speaking of which, my first iNurse column will appear in the November issue of AJN, so that's pretty exciting! I've edited and rewritten a LOT of articles over the years, but this is only my second byline.

So, yeah, that wasn't a scary thing, and I'm off topic. Let's see. Spending too much money, upcoming failed wedding anniversary...ah yes, and end-of-life decisions for my Guiness Book--old cat. She's somewhere north of 20 and has been getting subcutaneous LR for years now for kidney failure, but otherwise she's required remarkably little medical intervention. It's been suggested she made a pact with the devil to live this long. For her age she's spry, but her hair is starting to fall out in clumps, and she sort of hunches over now and then. I've always said if she showed signs of pain or decreased quality of life I'd let nature take its course and make sure she was comfortable, but I can't TELL for sure. Most of the time she seems like her regular self. I brood constantly and engage in attempted cat mind-reading, to no avail. This cat and I have lived together since I was 16 years old, and I feel it's only right for her to give me some clear indication of her wishes. So far, no dice.

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween, doesn't get too sugar-sick, and emerges unhaunted by the thinning of the worlds.