Got Macs? Got iPhoto? Get iPhotoSync!

I don't write a lot of Mac app reviews, but this one deserves a shout-out. iPhotoSync (Haystack Software) is one of those can't-do-without-it apps if you have the issue(s) it solves. It's a one-trick pony app, which is groovy on account of the trick works great. Also, the developer is responsive. Five stars. Here was my issue. I have this new Air and my iMac. The Air has a tiny SSD drive that I don't want to stock with much stuff, because it won't hold much stuff, and I don't want to rely entirely on the cloud, but I like to have my recent photos hanging about regardless of which device I'm currently using. Dropbox handles other syncing needs, but iPhoto doesn't consistently play nicely with Dropbox. Enter iPhotoSync. Install it on both computers, tell it which photos to import (it can do it automatically), quit the program, and a background process does what you've asked. Both computers have to be on the same WiFi network or plugged into the same router, but no fancy file sharing is necessary. If it finds new photos, it notifies you on the receiving computer and politely opens iPhoto to show you what it's imported. SCH-UH-WEET. In practice, I've told the iMac to suck in all new photos and videos from the Air, because I want my media library to be complete on the giant iMac hard drive. I've told the Air to suck in new photos from the iMac but only those taken during the last month. Fabuloso. This is just one scenario; the developer has some other solutions on his page. iPhotoSync is the epitome of Mac development: creativity and slick software.