Pet portals

I just got an e-mail from my VET. Which was weird to begin with. But in it I was invited to log in to my pet portal (even weirder), which offers the following: Pet Portals are private, secure websites where you can:

  • Check your pet's health records
  • Request an appointment
  • Search our extensive pet health library
  • View your pet's medication schedules
  • View vaccination history
  • Upload photos of your pet
  • Update your account information
  • Check your pet's vaccination/medical service status
  • Send yourself medication reminders by email
  • Shop our online store

I'm afraid. I just want my vet to be the dude who gives me cats their shots. This is just all too high tech. And I won't be uploading photos of my pets to their pet portal. That would be like the veterinary version of America's Most Wanted.