Latest Facebook creepiness rant

I have a lukewarm tolerance--hate relationship with Facebook. I fly into rages about it fairly regularly but stay on it because it IS a utility, and without it I don't stay in touch with people with whom I want to stay in touch. Also, I'm friends with people who amuse me. Anyway, the fact that Facebook owns my content FOREVER freaked me out anew yesterday evening, so I'm feeling more bitter than usual. Here's the story. The boyfriend was fooling around with all the friend finder tools and said, "Do you have our hospital listed on your profile for your workplace?" (disbelievingly, because he knows how I get about stuff like that). No, I don't. "Well, you're listed under it for 'Find coworkers at this institution.'" WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FRACK. It even has coworker and former coworker tags.

I flew to my Air (which was instantly on) and checked. Could I have been so stupid? I have nothing listed under my work experience, yet Facebook somehow knows where I work. In practice this is unimportant because I don't post things on Facebook that I absolutely can't have anyone knowing, but in theory I'M SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL MY PRIVACY SETTINGS. If anyone can find how to get off those lists, by all means please let me know, but I spent a lot of life energy to no avail. It knows, and I can't make it un-know. I may have listed this information at some point, possibly back when I was a CNA or something, but that doesn't explain how it knows the current vs former information.

This is just evil. Bad. I am also pretty sure that if I send a support request into the black hole of Facebook Help I will be left empty-handed. Does this bother anyone else?