How to make 1Password work with Rockmelt (Mac)

I got one of the early Rockmelt builds and liked it OK because I live in my browser anyway, but I couldn't use it seriously because I rely on 1Password (don't have it? Go buy it now). It would be impossible for me to list all the reasons that 1Password is a must-have app (I have it on both Macs, iPhone, and iPad), so I won't try. The point of my post IS, Rockmelt just updated to Chrome 7, so theoretically the 1Password extension works, but if you try to install it by the usual means the Chrome browser opens. Once again, NNR has done your research for you. If you're on a Mac, open Rockmelt, let it update itself, restart it, and then go to this URL from within Rockmelt:

Voila! Works fab-ly. Also, I evidently have 5 invitations to Rockmelt, so leave a comment saying something nice or funny and I'll dole them out. If there are more than 5 comments, nicest or funniest win.

UPDATE: There are lies, damn lies, and lies perpetrated by the inconvenience of Facebook. Turns out I lied because I can distribute invitations only through Facebook, so I can't just dole them out. You can still write nice funny, comments though.