I got no rhythm

Circadian rhythm, that is. I worked Wednesday and Thursday nights (for non-US readers, those are nights before and of a major holiday), and I did not sleep well on Thursday. Plus, the shifts were relatively exhausting for various physical and psychological reasons. Finally, I had to return to work on Friday morning to talk to my boss and didn't get to sleep until just before noon. So I was Tired. You'd think with such Tired I'd sleep a lot, but no, I was awake this morning at 5, unable to keep sleeping. I got up for a while and then slept all afternoon.

I feel jet-lagged, anxious, depressed, and a little sick most of the time lately, but especially after a sequence like this one. I don't remember night shift affecting me this way before the last few months. I seem to always have a fog-headed stupid feeling no matter how much I sleep. My friendships are suffering because no one else is on my schedule. Again: I used to navigate these waters without issues.

Happily, my bid to switch to a midshift has met with success, so I'll be moving to a 10a-10p shift after the holidays. I'm nervous about the switch and the pay cut, but holy cow I am feeling killed by night shift lately. I guess it was time for a change, and isn't it interesting how the opportunity showed up just now?