Loud neighbors suck

I have bad luck with neighbors. When I lived in houses I owned I had loud neighbors (I called them the neighbortards). They did things like repeatedly start and turn off their mufflerless Harley all day or use a chainsaw at 8am on a Sunday. Or scream at each other in the street just for normal conversations ("I'M GOING TO ABBY'S AFTER SCHOOL, AND THEN WE'RE GOING TO JANELLE'S TONIGHT...."). Now I live in a downstairs apartment, and my upstairs neighbors -Shower about every 3 hours, and the pipes run down my bedroom wall and clank -Practice anvil tossing 24 hours a day. Evidently they're unmoved with a need to sleep -Clomp around in heels or boots -Hammer for days at a time to build shelves to hold, it must be, the entire Library of Congress

Now my bad luck has followed me to my boyfriend's. I crashed over there last night, and his duplex neighbor's TV was tuned to allow interplanetary sharing. Well practiced in the art of banging on people's doors and and telling them to shut up, I went over and hammered on the door. No answer. This guy is elderly and just got home after a long hospitalization for a hip fracture. So I called the cops. Well, someone needed to check on him. What if he was just lying there unable to answer the door? They ended up breaking the door down and reported to us that he was just fine.

Then they put the door back and left, leaving the TV volume unchanged.

I despair.