More on electronic journaling

I just got a pingback to this post from my post on paper vs electronic journaling. I feel validated that other people waste huge expanses of their lives contemplating how best to journal. I made the bold move of switching to my iPad and haven't looked back, and that wasn't in my original list of things I might like for journaling. The issue was that I was using iPad apps that require typing, and no app had a feature set that let me do all the stuff I like. In addition, if I'm going to be doing a lot of typing, I want my Air, on which iPad apps don't work. But I bought Noteshelf [iTunes link] for my iPad along with a Pogo stylus (and thereafter a Targus one that has a smooth rubber tip; one stylus must be in my bag at all times), and I haven't looked back. This app is just freaking cool. No more gluesticking; I can put photos into it, rotate them, size them, erase parts of them, write over the top of them...whatever I want. I can switch ink colors. The wrist guard is fantastic and lets you write easily, and included are cool Emoji icons (I have always used little symbols throughout my journals). It's handwriting and not typing based, and I would like the option of entering text my keyboard, but there are ways around it if I really want to type a lot (inelegantly, copy and paste as an image). The pages on my iPad end up looking exactly like my Moleskine pages, and the whole thing can be exported as a PDF that, unlike any other solution I tried, looks like it did when I created the page (no funny line breaks or totally messed up image alignment, notably).

Basically, I've just made my journal into an electronic Moleskine that can be backed up (including to Evernote, where the text recognition is not half bad even for my awful writing). I like it a lot. You can export the pages as .png files, so theoretically I could import them all, toss typed tidbits and other stuff that didn't start out in Noteshelf, sort them by date created, and create a PDF that way.

Of course I still have stuff I want the app to do. I like Momento on my iPhone, and I'd like some way to include a social media stream in my journal. Remembary for iPad pulls in streams, Momento-like, and unlike Momento exports a usable text file (Momento does this, but the file cleanup is annoying), but you have to handwriting. Also, no images. So if Noteshelf could allow feed imports like these apps and provide an option to enter text with a keyboard, it would be perfect.

In the meantime, I'm pleased with my setup. And no, I don't mind carrying around an iPad instead of a Moleskine. I used to carry both.