A new hole in my head

I got my nose re-pierced. I had it pierced when I was in college before, 15 years ago (ish), when it was unusual and weird. As was my purple crew cut. I took it out when I graduated because I felt I should grow up and act like an adult. I've missed it. And I thought I was too old. But yesterday I decided screw it and got it redone. I'm not apparently going to grow up nor act like an adult, and nurses regularly have piercings. Nobody cares. It's not weird anymore. But I like my tiny light blue sparkly stud. The process has changed significantly, too. My piercer set up a sterile tray and gave me tons of information about aftercare and follow-up. She'd make a good nurse. I said "Are you going to count or something?" She said "Nope." And then shoved a giant needle unapologetically through my nose, unmoved by possible pain and suffering (not much of either). She was thorough and impressively CLEAN. When I had piercings and tattoos before it was pretty scary.

And I got home to see my family and nobody noticed. Perhaps they failed to note the ring's absence for the last 10 years?