Less-dark times

I'm feeling less gloomy and more festive now. I bellyached about a lack of Christmas-ness and have landed in a bastion of festivity. I think the decorations in this house would fit in a storage area the size of my entire apartment. Seriously. And my dad's entire Christmas music collection has been playing since I got here. We've been from hammered dulcimer to Bing Cosby and back. Also, there are mountains of homemade Christmas candy. I normally don't put much stock in trappings, but it turns out I deeply needed to get out of my normal life for a few days. Turns out a world exists outside of the emergency department. In this world, no one is interested in the emergency department. They talk about...ordinary things. It's loverly. We've played with digital cameras, set up a Wii, drunk coffee, and delved into the various accomplishments of my cousins' progeny. One does need balance.