Angry Birds and other iOS ruminations

Angry_Birds1-300x200.jpg (Via Peter Vesterbacka, Maker of Angry Birds Talks about the Birds, Apple, Android, Nokia, and Palm/HP | Mobile and Social Media)

I read this article with considerable interest because (a) I'm addicted to Angry Birds, (b) I'm intrigued with the iOS vs Android dichotomy, and (c) I'm excited about the future of gaming---in particular mobile gaming. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth because my first exposure to gaming was my dad's TI computer with Parsec cartridges, followed by a classic Atari (Centipede, baby, Centipede) and then a Super NES (I could beat Bowser repeatedly without flagging interest). I still have a pink Gameboy that runs Tomb Raider. I sold my Wii, but only because it reminded me of my ex-husband. I digress but do have a point: iOS devices have TOTALLY CHANGED IT UP with regard to gaming. The games are cheap and do far more than really pricey ones used to, and there are a crapton of them. They go on devices that are not just gaming devices. The technology allows wicked cool effects; Jelly Car rocks my world now, but it would have TOTALLY rocked my world when I was a kid.

I just bought Angry Birds HD for my iPad and craftily moved my iPhone data over to it so I can just pick up where I left off. I felt bitter for a moment at the $4.99 cost before remembering that games used to cost actual money. I remember having to agonize over which SINGLE game I could get when I was a kid because they were expensive. Now they cost the same as a Starbucks concoction, over which I never agonize.

The other night at work we had a slow interlude, uncharacteristically, and 80% of the staff were sitting around playing Angry Birds. Most of us have iPhones, but we have a few Androiders, and everyone who had a phone out, except for one doc, was playing Angry Birds (that doc was playing Words With Friends, which I know because he was handily beating me). Gratuitous BlackBerry slam: I think RIM is pretty much boned here, because you can't play anything on a BlackBerry without your thumb falling off.

The app sphere intrigue is not limited to games, either, and I'm super interested in the upcoming Mac OS and app store. Increasingly I find myself annoyed that I can't use iOS apps on my Macs. There are several with functionality I just can't duplicate but would like to have on an actual computer: Blogpress is a great example. I'd like to blog from my Air, but nothing lets me do the simple things I want to do, and the apps that come close cost an arm and a leg. Momento would bring a huge smile to my face on the Air as well. Perhaps the new Mac OS will allow this, but I bet the apps will cease to cost a few dollars. Apps migrating from the iPhone to iPad increased in price, although as I say they're still cheap, so I think it's a safe guess they'll make a sizable jump if they move to Macs. Some I'll pay for anyway.

Interesting times are ahead. I can't wait to see the new affordable functional and time-wasting applications that appear on my Mac in the coming year, and if no blog posts are forthcoming in the next few days it's because I'm busy playing my new Angry Birds HD game. Or responsibly working on my AJN column rewrite, also using a mixture of wickedly useful iOS and Mac applications. Yeah. Either one.