Nursing student expelled for Facebook photo

Doyle_Byrnes_12-31-2010_JE1J7OR1.standalone.prod_affiliate.81.jpg (Via Nursing student expelled for Facebook photo -

I interrupt my penning of a "2010 in review" post to state that this is BULLSHIT. I like to get right to the point.

She's got a placenta in there, which is weird and not in the best of taste, but find me the patient it came from. Can't do it? Not a HIPAA violation. Professionalism issue? Let's reframe. To me this says the student is excited about her lab and future in nursing.

JCCC says it's "a lesson hard learned." Indeed, but not the one the school probably thinks it's sending: the lesson is that nursing is filled with inexplicable decisions and finding out after the fact you did something Bad. This student can carry that lesson with her, but is it really one our nursing schools should be teaching? Can they not teach something more like "here's an opportunity for education regarding healthcare and social media"?

Did this program educate its students about the risks and benefits of social media (the student asked her teacher if she could post the photos, and the teacher said YES)? Did the student sign any agreement that she would not photograph laboratory specimens (if she did, all bets are off)?

I so abhor this social-media witch-hunting in healthcare. JCCC is pole-vaulting over a mouse turd here. I hope this nurse-to-be is reinstated into her program, as was Nina Yoder under weirdly similar circumstances.

End of rant, although I reserve the right to resume at any time.