Year in review

2010 didn't turn out anything like I thought it would; I started it out married and feeling pretty settled with my new ER job and ended it divorced and living in a small apartment. I still have the job though. And three of the four pets I started out with. I felt I should bow to peer pressure from my fellow bloggers and write a year-in-review post, so I'll start out with highlights and finish with a "favorite x" section and a "suckage" section. Main points from 2010:

  • I got divorced, which I might have seen coming if I had been looking. I wasn't. Is anyone ever?
  • I'm now in a relationship with a new dude. He's a nurse. He likes Apple products. He's a funny motherfucker. What more need I say?
  • Right before I got separated my black cat Hedwig was killed by a car. I still cry about her. She was a really cool cat. Also, I associate her death with my divorce, because the losses were bang-bang on top of each other.
  • At work I've finally moved from feeling like I have no idea what's going on to feeling relatively competent most of the time (but still smart enough to know when to cry uncle).
  • AJN asked me to write a column on technology in nursing, and the first one was published in November. It's cool to have had my name in print. Despite all the articles I've ghost-written or edited, I've had only one byline before this.
  • I got my nose re-pierced. And I include this under main points why? Because I left it un-pierced for a decade and missed it a lot. I like having it. I think it's cute.
  • Turns out I like apartment living. I got a small one-bedroom apartment rather than kick my tenant out of the small house I own, and I think I'll sell it rather than reassume the onerous duties of home ownership. I no longer have my own home business and fit quite well in a small, easily maintained apartment.
  • I got a couple of new cameras throughout the year (a Nikon D3000 and a Canon Powershot S90), and they've galvanized my favorite hobby.

And now, my favorites list:

Favorite tweet (October 26):

I've decided I don't want to be more productive. I want more time to screw around doing absolutely nothing. Don't judge me.

Favorite photo (September 25):

Photo: Birds on a rail

Favorite iPhone photo (October 12):

Photo: Twisty lamp

Favorite travel photo (March 16; Pompeii):

Pompeii doorways

Favorite candid photo (April 29):

My favorite action-pic so far EVER

Favorite gadget: iPad

Yes, I agonized a bit over this one. One would have to, because in ONE YEAR Apple spewed the iPhone 4, the iPad, and the Air, all of which I use and love. At the finish I picked the iPad because if I had to pick the one most difficult to replace it would be the iPad. On it I read books, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. I keep a journal. I browse photos on Flickr. I delete e-mails (more accurate than "I read e-mails"). I'm writing this post on my Air, and you'd have to pry my iPhone away with use of heavily sedating drugs (for me!), but the iPad gets my vote.

The bad parts of 2010:

  • The divorce. Divorce suckage cannot be overemphasized.
  • Panic disorder. This isn't unique to 2010, but it's worsened. Circumstances? Continued lack of circadian rhythm? I don't know. I do know I've spent entire weeks in bed when I'm not at work because I'm so worn out from panic attacks, and there is NOTHING to recommend that.
  • Lost relationships. Other than the divorce I had several significant losses, including my pet. I've lost a few close friends, some to inexplicable bullshit and others to barely explicable bullshit. Either way I have a LOT of losses going on. Losses suck.

Looks like good outweighs bad numbers-wise, but living with unrelenting panic and terror has gotten so unbelievably old that even I am unable to verbalize my disgust with it. So there it is. Year in review. (I'm not including books and movies because it's too daunting to sift through everything I've read and watched in a MONTH, much less a year.)