New Twitter for Mac: thoughts

I have a problem with Twitter clients like some people do with shoes. I even have a folder on my iPhone for unused Twitter programs. WELL, you never know when you'll want to switch back. So obviously, like everyone else, I first downloaded Twitter for Mac from the Mac App Store yesterday. It's fast, obviously operated, has all the options I want for manipulating tweets and links, and looks cool. Its UI is a matter of opinion evidently, but I like it.

Only problem: you can't change the fracking font! Seriously! Using this app on my 11-inch Air makes me go cross-eyed. I'm grievously disappointed in the developers for this omission. Holy carp. The first thing people DO is change fonts in apps. FAIL.

But...I'm still using it because of its extensive and appropriate use of keyboard shortcuts. I love keyboard shortcuts. Time spent reaching for the mouse is time spent annoyed. This goes back to my editing days, but boy do I love me some good keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter people: just make the damn font bigger, OK?