White iPhone and perfectionism

I just listened to Yet Another Podcast Bitching About the White iPhone. I was annoyed. This theme has been beaten to death in bloggery, podcastery, and the Twitterverse since freaking JULY. I'm bored with it. I wouldn't even be able to tell what color my phone is because it's covered with a case, but I can't get too excited about the color anyway. I think it's a little weird that people are spending hundreds of dollars to convert their phones to white. Whatever floats your boat, I guess, but can we just please stop beating the topic to death? Please?

Apple IS being annoying about the white iPhone, and that got me thinking about perfectionism. I'm guessing the white iPhone hasn't appeared because it's not exactly right for his Steveliness. And I mean EXACTLY right. With all the hooplah and bitching, my knee-jerk reaction is "for pete's sake, it's got to be good enough." This is patently absurd for me to think, because I just threw a righteous fit over a comma error. One comma. I'm a former editor, and I just can't stand the idea of something I produced going to press having my name on it with a known error in it. I wonder if Steve Jobs feels that way about his gadgets---if it's not exactly right, he's not going to let it through the gate.

When is good enough good enough? I've never been able to tell. I want things perfect. Nursing has cured me somewhat, because you'll drown in 20 minutes without prioritizing ruthlessly, but...yeah, I guess I can see why the white iPhone would be held back if it weren't perfect. Maybe that's why people want it so badly ("I held out for the pinnacle of perfection" or some such).

Can we not speculate about it, though? Not comment on its every appearance and disappearance from apple.com? Argh.