Apple locks down the Kindle app: those bastards

Official: Apple locks down the Kindle app | FutureBook

This bothers me for several reasons.

  • It makes Apple look like big brother.
  • It makes Apple look like the scheming dogs they are.
  • It will keep people from buying Apple products on account of they change things up to be greedy bastards.

Let me elaborate, but I'll be relatively brief. One of the major selling points for the iPad initially was "it will do everything the Kindle does and MORE." Technically, still true. But now, it'll cost Amazon to make their books available as in-app purchases, which means they'll probably jack up their prices more, and they're already getting too damn high.

This is just not a classy move from Apple. They're getting greedy. Let people continue to love their iDevices because they do everything. Bad Apple. Bad! Bad!