Piercing tales (no medical or geek content)

CATASTROPHE. It seems I've developed an allergy to gold. I bought a super fancy 14K gold/diamond nose screw that was causing me problems, and I assumed either they lied about the 14K part or the new piercing was the issue, but it got so bad I took the screw out this morning after work and a ton of nasty stinky pus followed it. Then I couldn't get the original screw back in because my nose was so swollen. I did get a titanium hoop in and went to bed, bitter. I have both earlobes pierced twice, and I've had them both since I was in GRADE school. Almost since then I've worn 14K gold nearly exclusively. I'm not a frequent jewelry changer. I got some super nice tiny gold apple earrings with diamonds for Christmas that have been causing trouble for me, but again I wondered if there was some nickel in there causing trouble. The kicker is that in my second set of holes I had the SAME hoops I've worn for, literally, years, and they were itching and pus-y. All in all I was miserable and thinking I had some head-wide infection, because who thinks 14K gold jewelry is the problem?

At any rate I had no choice but to visit Skin Illustrations and my fave piercer Stef, who had to use PLIERS to get a screw into my nose. She said people can develop allergies to gold (followed by an interesting lecture on gradations of reactivity to various metals) over time. I came home and researched this, and it seems to be the case. NOT FAIR. I have some super cool and pricey jewelry that, seemingly, will now cause my face to itch, swell, and excrete nastiness.

SO, we did my head in surgical steel---all 6 holes. It's been 2 hours and already none of my sensory appendages are killing me.

The ironic part of this story is that my rook piercing, which, by all rights, should be causing me all kinds of trouble, has been fine through all this. It's migrated a bit, swollen a bit, and complained when knocked by my stethoscope and other incidentals, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I realize this a vain, high-class-problem post, but I am BITTER about my fancy jewelry. It made me happy. (