In which an author inveighs amusingly against "Lol." Lol.

This article, A Call to End the Use of “Lol” « Thought Catalog, made me laugh. It's also well written. This is my favorite paragraph:

Even if you and perhaps even a narrow vertex of your cultural peers understand and approve of the context in which you are employing the mad dated symbol, you risk being viewed as backward or inappropriate by others [see also: people in the South displaying Confederate flags as an avatar of pride in their area of residence/adherence to a certain cultural ethos that may or may not inadvertently or with subtle intent associate itself with undertones of casual racism and/or specific political leanings, rather than an expression of an actual desire for secession, thereby creating a case when you don’t know whether an individual is attempting to commit a progressive reappropriation or ‘just being really fucking backward’].