How to piss off customers if you're a developer (LiteSwitch by Proteron)

I downloaded an app called LiteSwitch from Proteron on the basis of a recommendation from a respected podcaster. It's a sweet utility that, as proclaimed by the recommender, quickly became indispensable.

However, instead of writing a review about its fabulousness, I'm writing this blurb to bitch about the developers. The app has a nag screen that prevents it from continuing to be useful, yet the links to purchase the app or contact support or do ANYTHING other than download trial apps from the Web site are all broken. I'd love to buy the app, but I can neither buy it nor continue to use it without repeated and infuriating exhortations to purchase it so the developers can feed their families, so I have to uninstall it. Those poor starving developers' children.

Very annoying. So if anyone knows of a similar app that I can actually use, I'd like to know about it. I'll miss LiteSwitch.