Milk and molasses enemas

Yeah, enemas. I'm SO BORED lying home sick. I can't even watch any more Netflix. So I looked up why milk and molasses enemas work, and I couldn't find a good answer. Does anyone know? The BF and I ate dinner with some friends recently and were talking about these (never eat dinner with ER nurses, is the lesson to take home here), so I've been pondering it ever since. The first time I had one ordered I thought, "Yeah, it's a joke on the new nurse, right?" No. If someone is so constipated they have to come to the ER, we don't mess around with those Fleets gizmos. We manually loosen the impaction, snake the tube past it, and run in a milk and molasses enema, and it WORKS. Patients look at me like, "You're joking!" But I've never had one fail. People feel SO much better. These things clean you out. I'd like to know why, though. Someone enlighten me.