"Nurses are so stupid"

This post is not a result of any patient interaction of mine, but rather a result of a family Facebook interaction. An infant in the family is hospitalized, her mother is updating her Facebook wall about her condition, and the updates and reactions all revolve around how stupid the nurses are. Which makes me defensive even though I don't know those nurses. I just get extremely sick of people not knowing what we do, not appreciating what we do, and feeling they have a society-approved green light to bash us. Particularly people I'm related to. I'm trying to educate everyone involved to correct the part about people not KNOWING what we do, but an unfriending looms simply because my Facebook theory is it's supposed to be fun. When someone pisses me off more than once or twice, buh-bye. Not fun anymore = not worth my time.

The feelings coming from these posts exemplify why I don't like having pediatric patients. Parents are upset their kid is sick, and basically no matter what I do it's wrong, because the kid is still sick. God is generally not available to bitch at, so I get it, and it gets old. And really, common sense dictates that if you think someone IS screwing up, yelling at him or her about it is not going to help---the person will get nervous and screw up even more. How is a nurse supposed to function at 100% when the parents are pissed about hospital policies, inconveniences, and the fact they're there at all, never mind, heaven forbid, the baby pulls out its IV and needs THREE STICKS to get a new one? (From the reaction to this on Facebook, you'd think this baby had so many holes in it you could feed it a bottle and turn it into a sprinkler; my favorite was "nurses suck! Three sticks! Get someone who knows what there [sic] doing!")

I'm actually less annoyed with my family member than with the commenters I don't know. It's more of a generalized and constantly fanned fire of irritation that I DO AN INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT AND COMPLEX JOB AND I'M SICK OF THAT JOB BEING BELITTLED. Probably not helping the cause by whining via bloggery, but I do educate when possible in real life, and as I've said before, it's my blog, and I'll do what I want. A little foot-stomping seems appropriate in this case since I've already attempted education at the source. They don't want it. They want to bash nurses. Eh, I'm done now.