Early-morning tech rambling

I'm having a love-hate relationship with tech lately. My dad is sick, and I've had to spend an uncharacteristic amount of time on my phone using it as a phone. By "uncharacteristic" I mean I've used more voice minutes in the last 4 days than in the previous year combined. I pretty much talk only to my grandmother, because everyone else I can text. The last few days have found me multiple times preparing to fling my iPhone on the ground and stomp energetically on it. "Call failed. Call failed. Call failed." Dropped calls. These are not things you want to have happen when you're getting critical information from ERs and doctors (who've taken you HOURS to reach) or when you're repeatedly talking to stressed-out family members. It seems I've never had the dropped-calls issue with my iPhone mostly because I hardly ever use it as a phone. Now that I have, it's just totally unacceptable. I was so frustrated I just about added a line to my account and put a free flip phone on it so that I could use it to TALK. I probably won't, since I hope my dad won't make a habit of having medical crises and the phone would lie unused and likely uncharged, silently costing me money, but DUDE. Now I see why people are outraged about iPhones. But while I am stunning myself with thoughts of voluntarily using a flip phone, I am pondering other (working) futuristic uses of my gadgets.

I have ENPC this week, and I'd noted its remarkable similarity to TNCC, for which I have my notes, scanned, in a Dropbox folder. I opened GoodReader on my iPad, went to Dropbox, and pulled down the PDF. Voila! All the stuff I needed to reference while reading the ENPC book to prep for my class, along with the intrinsic fabulousness of having a crapton of Kindle books and games on the iPad. Dropbox is definitely a technology that simplifies my life and allows a relatively paper- and mess-free existence.

The hospital where my dad is has WiFi but hardly any cellular signal, even Edge, so weirdly I had to use FaceTime to communicate with my boyfriend. My dad thought that was pretty cool. I think his roommate thought I was a visitor from the future, but whatever.

I had music from Rdio.com synced down to my iPhone for the car trip, so I had a good supply of new music to jam to. This morning I am typing on my Air and streaming from Rdio to my Apple TV via Airfoil. All of which is damn cool.

Most of this would have sounded like science fiction a decade ago, or maybe I would have thought it wasn't even possible. I still had a flip phone and an iPod Mini when I started nursing school in 2005, which wasn't that long ago. I vividly remember rigging my Palm to play Pandora through my home stereo speakers, which didn't work well and was at best unwieldy.

I still want to make freaking phone calls, though. I was so pissed at my iPhone a few times that the boyfriend took it away from me for its own protection.