Bad nurses!

I don't know if I'm unusually lucky or what, but I'm seeing some scary nursing fuckups I haven't encountered in coworkers. Unfortunately these are nurses caring for my dad. First, I was on the phone the other night when a nurse came in and said she had a shot. My dad asked what it was, and she said Lovenox. I was concerned and asked why he needed it. She said, "Um, I don't really know why the doctor ordered it." Nor did she know WHICH doc ordered it. But she gave the shot.

Overnight he developed a bleed at his lymph node biopsy site and bled down his inguinal canal into the inevitable place. He had emergent surgery and went to the ICU.

In what universe do nurses give drugs without knowing why they're giving them?

So I had to drive down to this hospital.

Second, his nurse today didn't KNOW what surgeries he'd had. She actually said, "I don't know. I'm just the nurse caring for him." Seriously? I had to leave the room to avoid causing a scene.

I see why people see nurses negatively, and I'm sad and pissed off. If either of those nurses had appeared contrite at being caught out it would be different, but it seemed they felt I was unreasonable to be asking.

His doctors are good from what I can tell, but I liked the nurses on the other floor better.