iPad insufficient for travel

I just packed up and traipsed off across the state for an unknown length of stay armed only with my iPhone, iPad, and one charger (significant when there are NO unused outlets in a hospital room; we considered how long we could reasonably run an IV pump off battery power), plus a pile of paper articles and some journals to read. I felt this should be sufficient for my productivity and entertainment needs. I PINED for my Air. Pined, I say.


I love my iPad, and I used it a lot---for consumption. I read stuff and watched stuff. I left my Air behind because I was swayed by the podcastosphere, which seems populated with people who use their iPads for everything and wave the "iPad for production too" flag. I was able to blog from my iPad, but it was a freaking pain in the ya-ha. It made my forearms ache, and I became very frustrated trying to type anything of any length on it. I am just a bad student of touchscreen keyboards. I'm fine with the one on my phone, but my personal verdict is in for the iPad keyboard: no.
I would have been unhappy with the Air and no iPad too, though. I needed the battery life, and I don't like reading on my Air. I'm just not happy without a crapton of gadgets, evidently. Happily, I could take them both and not be weighed down. Next trip I will probably take both or take the Air and my Kindle. I just gotta have something with a keyboard. Does that make me stodgy?