Waving the flag to save RSS

Via Stay N Alive: Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely:

People have been speculating, 'RSS is dead' for some time now. I've written that RSS isn't dead, but the concept of 'subscribing' is. However, as more and more sites move away from RSS, quite literally, in favor of these proprietary APIs I fear RSS could in fact be dying, not only as a subscription interface, but as a protocol in general.

I'm increasingly alarmed at this trend. I've used RSS for about as long as it's existed to keep track of stuff without wasting scads of time. I don't see a better way to organize the large amount of information I want to keep track of daily. Why get rid of a protocol when there is no better one to take its place? If I have to go to hundreds of different Web sites to see new information because each one has a proprietary subscription format, forget it.

Save RSS! Save RSS! Where's the parade? I'll march.