Here we go again: MD vs RN

Theresa Brown wrote one of her op-ed bits for the NYT about physician bullying. Kevin Pho wrote a rebuttal: Theresa Brown unfairly blames doctors for hospital bullying. I think both have a point. Although I am fortunate to work with physicians currently whom I adore and who treat me like an intelligent member of a team, I've been the subject of some truly evil behavior from physicians. I've never seen it go the other way. Should we blame physicians because shit rolls downhill? No, obviously not. As nurses we are an adult profession and need to take responsibility for our own behavior---which is very bad. Blaming isn't going to get us anywhere. I don't think Ms. Brown was out of line for calling that physician on his behavior, and he evidently found nothing inappropriate about it when she asked if she could publish it. I'm glad Dr Pho wrote a follow-up and hope that our two professions can use this type of thing as a springboard to creating a more collaborative environment in health care.