A pro-doctor post

There is some serious doctor-bashing going on lately on teh internetz, so I, typically, feel like bucking the system (largely because mine haven't caused me to seethe for a while). Last night I had occasion to reflect on how very much I love me a good ER doc. They tend to split us up somehow, and I don't know whether they decide before the shift which nurses they'll take cases for or what, but I noticed yesterday that mine was surreptitiously teaching me all kinds of cool stuff just by virtue of my being in the room during her exam. "I'm looking for the blah-blah sign, which is la-la-la, and it would indicate thus-and-such" or "I'm checking this because it aids in the differential diagnosis between this and that." The patients don't care. She does it because she knows I like knowing that stuff, and she does it all the time. I just consciously noticed it yesterday. Most of the others will take the time to explain their reasoning if I ask, and they do it without patronizing me and appear to be happy to tell me so next time I can say when I deliver the chart what's wrong with the patient ;0)

Two of my doctors have bent over backwards to help me figure out ways to help with my dad's health care, and our hospitalist system mobilized to accept his care if needed. My boss helped me figure out how to transport him if needed. One of our oncologists will see him in 2 days in her clinic if he wants, and I'm pretty sure her appointment times usually take longer than that for second opinions.

So yeah, I get pissed at doctors sometimes, but right now they have a warm fuzzy place in my heart.