Those Emergency Blues on med errors

A Medication Error Leads to Suicide « Those Emergency Blues:

By disciplining nurses who commit errors, and by not engaging in remediation with these nurses,  a climate is created where errors, if they occur, are likely to go unreported and unresolved — and substantially increasing risk.

This is a good article. I've long been on the soapbox about ending witch hunts in the hospital, but hospitals seem dedicated to scapegoating nurses and burning them at the stake. As nurses we go to work every shift knowing (and fearing, if we're smart) that we could kill someone. It's a huge responsibility. Doctors get to kill people without getting fired. They get to learn from it at M&M meetings and move on. Not us. One error and we're screwed all around. We are suicidally distressed from causing someone harm, we're fired, we lose our licenses, we lose our careers. The nurse who killed herself made a fatal error, but I guarantee you that every single health care professional has made a POTENTIALLY fatal error. We should support each other and learn from those mistakes to improve our practice. Now this veteran nurse won't be helping any more children, and after 27 years I think it's a safe bet she saved or helped a bazillion of them.

I'd like to know whether the child's family feels about this nurse, because the nurses involved in my dad's care caused him some serious harm and I just wanted them to learn not to do it again. An apology would have been nice, but I was satisfied with being assured the hospital would ensure remediation. I don't know what good it would do to punish them. The harm was done. Maybe it would be different if he'd actually died.