Nursing superstitions

I feel I should inform the general populace about a little-known fact: nurses are incredibly superstitious. We deny it sometimes, but we totally are. I, for example, am a shit magnet in triage. My charge nurse moved me there recently, and everyone else got ticked at her. Preemptively. And indeed, when I went out to triage, we had a workable patient population. When I went home, people were getting called in to work. And everyone just assumed it was my fault ("NNR is triaging. What can you expect?"). Seems like superstition to think some nurses have triage mojo, but...

It just can't be disputed that when certain people triage, the place will fill up to the point of holy-crap-we-got-no-beds. It's accepted as a matter of fact. Just like if you can't find a vein to save your life (or your patient's), someone else will walk up and casually, effortlessly put a 16-gauge IV into the patient. I actually look forward to being the SECOND nurse to try an IV. Because I'll look good.

Some people carry two IV catheters into a room and some one, both for luck but for different reasons. Some people take two Foley kits in to elderly ladies in case the nearly-inevitable occurs and you put the catheter into the vagina. It wards off evil spirits.

In the cardiac ICU I used to surreptitiously wave Atropine around the room before I pulled femoral lines, and I carried a cartridge in my pocket if I had a patient in third-degree block or something similar. (It wards off evil spirits, obviously.)

And I can't be sure, but I suspect some nurses wear the same socks all the time like baseball players!