My Favorite Patient

I usually have a favorite patient per shift. I can tell the minute I walk in the room. Either they're funny or honest in a way that I appreciate ("What happened?" "I got drunk and stupid.") or they're otherwise compelling---like the elderly lady who whipped her Kindle out of her knitting bag back when I was a CNA and started expounding on the virtues of wireless e-book syncing.

Lately, my Favorite Patient was extremely old, like approaching an extra digit, which didn't single her out because those have been my specialty lately. I liked her a lot anyway, but I was bending over to do something and she said, "Oooooo, that sparkle on your nose is so CUTE!" I said thanks. She said, "But my favorite is the little jewel in your eyebrow. It draws attention to your lovely hazel eyes. I bet you wear it so you don't need makeup to show off your pretty face." I didn't tell her I don't wear makeup because I'm far too lazy to clean it off, but whatever, I fell in love with her.

It's not unusual to elderly people to comment positively on my nose stud or cat tattoo, all positively (some want to pet the cat), but this lady seemed very enthusiastic. I noted she had multiple ear piercings! Assumptions people make about older folks seem generally wrong, in my experience. One is "they are offended by body modification."

I'm so going to be that lady if I live that long. And I'll call my nurse "sugar" and she won't be irritated like she would be with other patients.