Strangely compliment-filled day

Yesterday was a weird day. Black and white. It started out with some personal drama, I was really tired, and I am pretty sure I'm working up a case of strep throat. It's been like THREE MONTHS, so I'm due anyway. My dad is due to start his bone marrow transplantation process tomorrow, and I lie awake thinking about it. Like that will help in any way. The point is I was not in the best of moods when I went to work, and once I got there it was busy and everyone had time-consuming and unusual issues. By everyone, I mean patients and staff. But hey, I'm a nurse, so I got my shoulders under it and started walking uphill. It wasn't a particularly awful day. It wasn't a particularly anything day, I guess.

But two---yes, two---patients made a point of going on at some length about my nursely fabulousness. I actually got sort of embarrassed. They said stuff like "You're one of the best nurses I've ever had, and I'm in the hospital a lot" and "I can just tell you're a very kind person, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it" and "you're extremely good at your job."

All in one day! I didn't feel like I was trying particularly hard, but it's sure nice to have some positive feedback. Normally my patients literally fling poo at me and tell me how incompetent I am, with or without impressive strings of name-calling. Thus is the life of an ER nurse. They don't go out of their way to say anything positive. I was blessed yesterday. It really does perk a nurse up to discover people do notice how hard we work to help them!

Yeah, I made a mental note to speak up and tell people nice things when I'm on the other side, too.