I think I'll move to Picasa from Flickr

I got on Google+ pretty much immediately, when people were still posting echoing "hello...hello...hello" posts. I don't like Facebook. I don't like the way it takes all your data and keeps it FOREVER, unapologetically. Google may be only slightly less evil regarding how much they know about me, but they're more transparent about it, and they allow me to nuke and repave. I'm really liking Google+ and plan to use it far more than Facebook; in fact, right now Facebook is just sucking in my Tumblr feed, so probably people will effectively block me from sight.

An interesting offshoot from this is that it caused me to take another look at Picasa, soon to be known, I think, as Google Photos. Through various means, if you upload photos through Google+ (or, according to what you read, are even a Google+ user), you effectively have unlimited storage space for photos.

This matters to me. I take a lot of photos and have been shelling out $25 per year to Flickr for years now so I have online copies of my favorite photos. Also, Flickr used to be where I went to find cool photos and photographers. Now I barely use it at all except for storage. It's filled with too much noise and not enough signal, and I find most of my photography via Tumblr and other microblogs and Web sites. So if Picasa is going to allow me to leave my photos there, where they can be way more easily downloaded than from Flickr, that's a win.

As for software, I have used the Mac Picasa software before and am using it again now. I am one of the few people alive apparently who hate Aperture, and iPhoto always makes me feel vaguely uneasy because I'm importing my photos into a black box. What happens in the box is not transparent. And if the box becomes corrupted, I am hosed. I'm old-fashioned enough that I prefer my photos to be organized in folders on my hard drive and have software that accesses them the way they are; Picasa does that, plus it SYNCS with the Web albums.

This matters to me. Right now, I have to go through multiple extra steps to get photos to Flickr. With Picasa, I can automate backing up photos online.

We'll see how it goes. I'm filled with Kool-Aid between Apple and Google.