Social media is getting too complicated

Regarding the title: yeah, it's obvious-net day. Not my fault if no one told you.

I'm all about connection and online friendships and discovering cool stuff, but I've hit overload, and it seems to have been precipitated by Google+. I'm not hating on Google+; on the contrary, I wish everyone would use it instead of Facebook. But they aren't, so use of Google+ actually just complicates my life by adding another network to check. In addition, people are hurriedly devising means of duplicating and reduplicating their content by piping posts to and from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It's unbearably tiring just to hit next, next, next to get to anything new. Maybe I'm unique, but I tend to befriend or befollow the same people on each network, on account of there's a REASON I associate with them.

I can't get away from Facebook despite how evil I think it is because the bulk of my real-life friends have ceased to communicate away from it. If I don't read Facebook, I attend our weekly girls' night out and am lost because I have a "here's where I came in" feeling. Everyone has been talking about stuff on Facebook. I've at least started reading only status updates. That doesn't take too much time. But it feels like an obligation, and I don't want my hobbies to feel like work.

And Twitter: Twitter is being falsely maligned! I love Twitter. I tweeted back when it wasn't cool and hardly anyone had heard of it. Now Google+ has danced out onto the red carpet and flashed some booty, and suddenly everyone is yawning over Twitter. Perhaps I've become an Internet fuddy-duddy. I lament the oft-proclaimed death of RSS, and I am going to be really cranky if Twitter nosedives because of Google+.

Google+ doesn't even have a frigging iPhone client. I know, I KNOW, it *has* one, but as I stated previously, Googlehad a Google Voice client for like a year before Apple got around to approving it. Why think they're going to jump on approving a Google+ app? They've just staked out a huge territory by integrating Twitter into iOS 5. It seems idiotic to think they will approve the Twitter killer (I don't think Google+ will really go head to head with Facebook; I think it will eat into Twitter---discuss amongst yourselves).

I like Twitter and Tumblr best, in addition to my RSS feeds, which can be pried only out of my cold, dead hands. I quit sending Tumblr to Facebook because I think everyone on Facebook has information overload and because I post a lot of stuff on Tumblr. I send some of it to Twitter. I send this blog to Twitter via Twitterfeed because I've given in to the fact that many people use Twitter as their de facto RSS reader. I send some posts to Facebook if I'm pretty sure that crowd would be entertained. I similarly send some to Google+. Instagram gets sliced and diced depending on what it is. But I've really cut down on content duplication. It's exhausting to read. I don't want to exhaust people. Each platform has a use. They can't successfully be mashed together, and definitely not for every. Single. Post.

And I don't think I can even contemplate Foursquare or Gowalla right now. I have checkin fatigue bad. Maybe it's because I never go anywhere interesting.

Ironically, I'm now going to post this to Google+ while Twitterfeed shoots it automatically over to Twitter. Hey. I never said I was consistent.