Google+ ruminations

I almost didn't write this because I'm so sick of reading about Google+, but then, as usual, I figured screw it---it's my blog and I'll write what I want. The situation I feared has come to pass for me. Notably, I'm just not interested in maintaining two big social networks (Facebook and Google+), and Facebook just has too much momentum. All my friends are on it and use it. Everything is integrated with it. It has an app that works on my phone. It has bookmarklets that work.

Given my druthers I'd have Facebook die and everyone use Google+, but I don't have my druthers. I will stick to Twitter and Tumblr for the most part and mosey over to Facebook once in a while just to see what everyone is doing, but I think my involvement with Google+ will halt until some of the shortcomings I listed are addressed.