I got to Long Beach without too much strife despite having to leave my apartment at 3:30AM and having to through security twice at KCI. They claimed it was because I had a water bottle, which presumably COULD have been a clear but deadly chemical, but I think they were secretly snickering at my hidden piercings and wanted to snicker anew on my second trip through. I'm happy to report that multiple piercings do NOT set off airport metal detectors, for those of you who were wondering. Also, I ended up reading the nursing journals I packed without having any plans to actually read them. The glow, therefore, coming from your screen is my halo shining through. The reason for this is that a toddler was sitting next to me and I was afraid to take out my iPad lest he begin to wail for it. He looked like that sort and had run down his mother's Android phone battery by the time we neared Phoenix. I am totally caught up now on my journal reading.

Finally, California is filled with a bunch of people who think it's hot here. Snicker. I note that it's 107 degrees or some such at home, so clearly it's a good time not to be there. Huzzah!