Online friends are real people

I listen to podcasts and read blogs and Tweet, so with those kinds of activities at some point I'm bound to form online correspondences with people. I knew that Allison Sheridan of the Nosillacast podcast and lived near where I'd be visiting, so I tweeted her about a mini-tweetup. Why not? I've formed lasting real-life friendships locally with people I found on Twitter. She was dubious but agreed to it, and she, her husband, my friend, and I had a wonderful evening on the beach at the Cheesecake Factory. Also, she decided I was not scary, as previously suspected.

Point of the post? I now have two new actual friends whom I in no universe would have ever met were it not for "wasting time" with technology. I mean, it was a FUN EVENING. People who say online relationships are a waste of time and are fragmenting society are missing the point. I've argued this before, so I'm not saying anything new...just supporting my point.