I'm drinking coffee and glaring at my Mac, per usual before work. I haven't been to work for a little over 2 weeks. Probably I'll remember how to be a nurse. I am not trying to be annoyingly mysterious about the evil badnesses that've been going on; I just decided it's probably inappropriate to blog too much about it. Which tells you it's REALLY BAD, because it's rare for me to have a filter. So…y'all will have to tolerate vaguenesses and go with me here.

There was vacationing, which didn't perk me up that much because I was exhausted. EXHAUSTED. But a change of scene never hurt anyone, and it was awesome to see my friend.

Sadly I'm still having issues with things like…eating. I seem opposed to it on some level. I don't feel I need to lose a lot of weight or anything like that. It's just that it seems like so much effort, and nothing tastes good, and I'd just rather survive on air, thanks very much. However, I'm a medical professional and understand that the engine needs gas, so I keep shoving tasteless food down my throat, which makes me feel sick. It's pretty awesome, really. Not.

I love my job and I'm happy theoretically to be returning to it; in practice not so much. I dread some interpersonal stuff, I dread having to be on my feet for 12 hours, I wonder what people will think (no, I still haven't learned that people aren't thinking of me as often as I think they are)…. Fortunately, one reason I love what I do is that fundamentally it's not complicated, by which I mean sick people come in and it's my job to take care of them. I can do that pretty much no matter what, and I can do it WELL.

My face looks very plain this morning to me! My eyebrow ring started to reject a few weeks ago, and I've watched it, and it really WAS rejecting, so I took it out sorrowfully before it left a long scar. And I've tucked my septum ring up into my nose for work. And I have only three earrings in (a rook and two 8-gauge plugs, which are cobalt blue to match my scrubs). Ah well, I suppose I look more like a regular nurse now. My only visible facial piercing is a super tiny little continuous nose hoop, which may never come out since I love it so much.

Despite my plainness and dread, it will probably feel good to get back to work and in the swing of things. If not, it's a relatively short week, two shifts, so I can ease back into things.