Pondering shift back to nightshift

I've been on my midshift (11a-11p) since the first of April and still don't really like it. I thought I would. Everything I heard and read told me that sleeping the same time every night would make me happy and bring health and prosperity (maybe not prosperity). At first I thought it was cool to sleep about the same time every night, largely because a day off meant a day off without the catch-up you inherit with night shift. Trouble is, I can't sleep at night. I sleep like a stone during the day, but I sleep TERRIBLY at night. I thought it would be temporary, but no. I also don't like the part of my shift that falls on dayshift. I like the dayshifters all right, but they are not my people.

Nightshift has been shafted lately, so I volunteered to flip for a few weeks just to help out. The bosses are very grateful, so I'm trying not to let on that I like the change. So much, in fact, that I'm considering just staying on nights. I'm just under the line for retaining my scheduling seniority, which is considerable, and another night nurse wants a midshift for school so we could swap, bang, no muss no fuss. It took me so long to get OFF nights that I feel idiotic seriously considering this, but I did make the change telling myself it was worth a try and if it didn't work out I oculd always go back to nights.

My friends even tell me I seem "more like myself" lately (accompanied with "I like it!"). I feel more like myself. I don't know whether it's just familiarity or what, but I'm not sure it matters. Nothing wrong with familiarity. My body has never gotten used to the midshift. I gained weight and had nightmares and all kinds of stuff I've blogged about. The first nightshift I worked kicked my butt, but I came home with the sunrise and fell into a lovely deep sleep. After that I was good. I'm having sleep issues because I'm tossing and turning worrying about my dad, but all in all I'm feeling much better physically.

Is it possible that all the material regarding the horrors of night shift just don't apply to some people? Perhaps some of us are just better suited to being vampires?