Another nurse blogger bites the dust

At this point it's beating a dead horse with a stick (or as one of my authors once wrote, "beating a horse with a dead stick," which I think is funnier), but I just can't allow the passing of without some fanfare.

Ian Miller blogged completely out in the open, followed all the rules, and was professional. Evidently he wasn't ordered to take the blog down, nor was he fired for it, both of which are refreshing changes in the medical blogosphere, but he seemed to feel it prudent to cease and desist.

What's required, here? I learned a lot from Ian. He is an experienced nurse. His ER PDFs taught me some good tricks, and I identified with his frequent blog posts. He followed the rules of, at least, American HIPAA. I don't know what the Australian rules are, but I imagine they follow common sense as well.

This is just depressing.