A bit of this, a bit of that

I'm staying on nightshift. Mostly, I feel better and back to normal. Today I feel terrible because I stayed awake after work until 11 AM to do a favor for a friend and then got back up a few hours later for the second half of the favor. But normally I don't do favors for people that rob me of sleep, and I sleep like a rock during the day. My body just has fallen back into familiarity with nightshift. So be it. The world needs nightshifters too. I just like the flow better and I even like the patient population better for the most part. Mostly I'm going out of my freaking mind with worry because my dad is going through a stem cell transplantation and I can't go anywhere near him and haven't been allowed to for some time. The hem-onc people say ER nurses are colonized with the worst microbes running around, which I'm willing to believe, plus I've had a fever of unknown origin for like a month. That combo prevents me from being allowed anywhere near a dude who's had his immune system killed off. I've been taking antibiotics and stuff, but nothing can cure the "working in the ER" part. I can't even articulate (no, not even *I* can articulate) how frustrating this is. I'm so worried I can't eat much and so on. My dad is pretty pragmatic about it, so I'm trying not to freak out that he knows about. I am annoyed by family members who make an illness about them and am trying hard not to be one, but it's really not that easy being on the other side of the fence.

I am pleased about my AJN HIPAA column (see previous entry). I've heard a lot of nurses praising it highly, and I think it needed to be written. Far be it from me to have an unexpressed opinion.

PhotoAs usual when I'm upset, I got a hole punched in my head. My piercer said she'd do a free piercing since my eyebrow probably rejected on account of she didn't tighten one ball and it fell out, so I pondered and we eventually settled on this one. It's a (very) forward helix. I wanted a sort of modified industrial/half orbital, but apparently my ear rims are too skinny. I feel judged. I didn't want a piercing that frigging everyone has, and there are my occupational challenges to consider. I stick a stethoscope in my ears about a hundred times a shift, I have to look professional, etc. This one is almost invisible head-on and I haven't ever seen anyone with one. People have tragus piercings and outer helix piercings, but not this one.

And yeah, I guess it hurt. She stuck the needle in and had to put some muscle behind it to get it the rest of the way through. It's a decent chunk of cartilage there. It wasn't bad. Evidently, it's my septum that makes me a badass in most people's eyes. I never knew it was that easy: to look brave, just shove a needle through your septum. Wish I'd learned that 20 years ago. But I digress. I think this piercing is cute, it was not that painful, all things being at this point relative, and it's so flat to my head it's not giving me too many issues. When I got my rook pierced I was hurtin' for certain for at least a month.

Everyone send positive vibes out for my dad, if you think of it.