Consorting with doctors: a rant

I haven't gone all rant-y for a while, but the time is now.

Seems the doctors at my workplace aren't supposed to associate too much with the nursing staff. I don't have the exact wording in front of me, but that's the gist of it. I thought this was a joke at first, a bad tasteless one, but no. Is this common? This attitude isn't going to work for me. I am not an underling or an untouchable, and I find this entire directive incredibly offensive both personally and professionally.

In my former career, doctors sought me out for my expertise and were the ones asking for my help, so I've never really had even a smidgeon of the obsequiousness lots of nurses extend to doctors. I also don't respect anyone just for letters after their name. I've seen enough incompetent doctors to know that damn near anyone willing to spend enough time and effort can get through medical school somewhere and put MD after his or her name. Instead, I respect people (of any profession) for what they do and how they treat other people, both personally and professionally. I've respected doctors for their skill while despising them personally and vice versa. But none of it is tempered with "they're better than me because they're doctors." That attitude is not my unmarked condition, and it never will be. They know more than me about some things. I know more than them about some things. That's why there are different professions and different types of experts.

Maybe this disqualifies me from being a good nurse or an employed one, but sorry, doctor does not equal god. Finding out my institution doesn't want the gods associating with the hired help does NOT make me feel valued. What the hell, seriously. Can we pretend to respect nurses? Like, we can pick our own friends and stuff? This rule actually doesn't respect doctors either, come to think of it. Same thing. "We shall dictate your friends and activities."

I'll be on the back of the bus acting all meek and deferential if anyone needs me. Not.