If you don't know how to fix something, don't break it

Remember the jailbreakme.com jailbreak? It was so easy, any idiot could do it. Correspondingly, my ex-boyfriend jailbroke my boss's iPhone, which subsequently (eventually, like, now) stopped working, and she couldn't take it anywhere to get it fixed because it was jailbroken. Neither of them knew how to fix it.

Which brings me back to one of my many life rules: "No, I will not jailbreak your phone. If you don't know enough to do it yourself, you don't need a jailbroken phone." Because you need to know what you're doing so you can recover when things blow up in your face. This has been an unpopular attitude, but I feel my reasoning is solid.

It was proven yesterday, when I spent 2 hours out of my Friday evening, not that I was busy with anything else, but I'm just saying, wrestling with a long-in-the-tooth 24-pound Gateway laptop (I do so love messing with Windows machines) to get iTunes and iOS updates to download and undo the jailbreak. It's not hard to stare at download stripes progressing across the screen, but it's not fun either. Could I have explained to her how to do this? Yes, but if any little thing had gone wrong she'd have been here anyway. You know how iTunes is ("It says unable to authorize with Apple!" or any of 100 other error messages).

So please, don't ask other people to jailbreak your phone or load beta software on anything you don't know how to fix yourself. So really, don't ask other people to do anything janky to your tech toys, because you should be able to do it yourself if you're assuming the risk of having it done.

I'm now leaving my soapbox temporarily.